Hi Bronwyn, Many thanks for everything. You and your family have got something very special here. Thanks for sharing it. We’ll be back – we’ve left many things we still want to do! Keep well. Janet and John, May 2012

Sitting here, having a glass of 2007 Temprinillo, watching the stars, my music (as well as the night life) in the back round of my thoughts – clarity – friendly Jock (yes, the dog) lying next to me…Does life get any better? Owl hoots in the background, crickets chirping. The silence and good red wine give me time to rediscover myself. The spectacular view, fresh air and awe inspiring surroundings help. Three more days until I am thirty! This trip to the River View Cottages is a combo of my dad, Dave’s 62nd birthday and mine, I couldn’t think of any other way to better spend this time than here. I may fill more pages – apologies for being a ‘page hog’. If, however, I do not…Thank you to the Lumb family and to the Symm family (my mom and dad) for this humbling journey.                                          Leanne, May 2012

Die grootheid van God is hier so sigbaar en is ons dankbaar dat ons hier kan oorbly! Ons kom weer en dan bly ons langer in jully pragtige huisies.                            Koos en Jan, May 2012


Ons het gisteraand laat hier aangekom…moeg na ‘n ‘hectic’ week. ‘n ‘Juggeling act’ tussen twee werke, huis, twee seuns op universiteit, man, honde, katte, visse, ens, ens…      Met die intrap-slag hier by River View Cottages, kon ons sommer voel hoe God ons vul met rustigheid en nuwe krag. Net wat die dokter ‘ge-order’ het! Die cottage is stunning! Eenvoudig, maar so stylvol…jy het niks meer nodig as dit en die lieflike Karoo hier om jou nie. ‘Beautiful!’

Na ‘n heerlike nagrus wod ek wakker met die ‘getjirp’ van voeltjies en waar ek nou op die soep sit en my oe opslaan na die prentjie wat God vir my skilder, voel ek klein in ons slepper se Grootheid en Almag, maar so geseend om hier to kan wees en die wonderlike rustigheid en skoonheid te kan geniet. Colin en Bronwyn, dankie dat jully hierdie stukkie skoonheid van ons Hemelse Vader ook met ander mense deel! May God bless you always and also everybody that comes to stay in your lovely cottages! Ons kom terug…en vogende keer, met ons seuns en hul ‘girlfriends’! PS Jock is the best…even growling for you Bronwyn, his ‘mamma’ to protect me and his territory, the cottages…so sweet!                                              Marius and Hesre, May 2012

Hi Colin and Bronwyn, did not have a chance of meeting with you, but many, many thanks for a wonderful stay! Indeed appreciated! The accommodation was excellent. We really love your decor…and the majestic Karoo! We will be back!                      Marius, May 2012

* I refer to 8/9/11 – still the same smile and big welcome from Jock. See you again next festival.                                                               Brian and Shirley, May 2012