We arrived in cool, gloomy weather without any expectations. The tall majestic mountains brought us closer to our Mother Earth. Long, rambling walks opened our eyes to a stiller being. On our last morning we woke to a clear, crisp morning with a dusting of snow on the peaks. We leave with an understanding of the contrast of like – stillness beauty in the rare earth. The little creature in Jock brought a smile and we will leave with fond memories of him and this tranquil valley.                                               Mike and Dee, Knysna

Second time just as memorable as the first. Different weather conditions made it interesting. We love this valley, its’ peace, serenity, beauty – everything, and Jock. See you soon.                                                                                                                     Dave and Rita, Brenton-on-Sea.

Beautiful place. So relaxing. We walked, takes, ate and drank! Jock and Jess were with us guiding us up paths and through thorn bushes. So sweet. Thank you for the lovely experience.                                                                                                                  Carol and David, Cape Town.

I refer to 8/9/11 – still the same smile and big welcome from Jock – see you next festival.                                                                                                                              Brian and Shirley.

Another glorious weekend here. The mountain gods were kind and we managed to braai and walk without getting wet on what was a wet weekend. Sunday beautiful and sorry to leave. See you soon.                                                                                                 Anne and Bill, Knysna.

Thank you so much for sharing your piece of paradise with us. We really loved being here and in such comfort! The surroundings are awe inspiring and coming to special places like this make slogging in the city worthwhile!                                                     Allan and Cilla, Cape Town

Thank you Bronwyn and Colin. We had a wonderful weekend, despite the freezing cold weather – and all this in the Karoo! Thought I would quote a poem by Ruth Everson, as it seemed appropriate.                                                                                            Much love, Duncan and Clare, Knysna.

Stone Beat                                                               There is earth in this dust                                                                                             In the sand-soft shifting                                                                                                        There is weight                                                                                                             In each, each grain is grit                                                                                                        There is water in this stone                                                                                           Quietly hollowing towards surface                                                                                        It slips through arthritic cracks                                                                                            Drop by drop                                                                                                                 Grain by grain                                                                                                               A moment of meeting                                                                                                   An elemental twitch                                                                                                           And earth is flesh                                                                                                                     And stone is beating

Ruth Everson

The final wow was the sprinkling of snow on the top peaks.

This was joyful, peaceful, beautiful, cheerful, thankful. And that’s how we are going back…’FULL!’ Thanks, yet again, for letting us share this awesome spot and part of the world. We’ll be back! God bless you and yours. Shalom.                                                       Riaan and Vlam, Riversdale.

What a piece of paradise! Our four days left like one – batteries recharged! We look forward to our Summer visit – to enjoy the swims and all that the heat may bring. You have created a superb getaway. “Thank you” does really not seem enough!                         Eric and Gill