Thanks for this beautiful place. Lovely garden and very nice interior.Thank you Jock for entertaining us an hiking with us! Vielen Dank.
Anna and Heinz.

Die natuur is ongelooflik mooi. Onse het hierdie den nag heerlik geslaap en sal beslis weer dom.
Gerhard en Renate.

We enjoyed a really peaceful and most pleasant time here with our son and daughter-in-law. Our first night ever in the Klein Karoo – a tonic for the soul. I would like to come ack for a week! Many thanks.
Jain and Ingrid, Umhlanga Rocks.

Dis was werklik ‘n sielsverrykenk envying. ‘n Naweek is hope loos te fort. Die best van ales – geen selfoon ontvangs. Ons het dit baie genet in julle pragtige plekkie. PS. Na waters waar rus is…
Andre and Zulna.

I have googled and thanks to Bronwyn and Colin’s River View Cottages and the stunning views! Just as shown and advertised. Peaceful, tranquil, and a weekend too short! Will most certainly come back in Winter. Enjoyed the walks, swimming, rowing (a bit windy) and chilling out with my old man and good OBS!
Ana and Martin, George.

My husband and I only see each other four times a year as he works out of the country. We always take a couple of days away out of the hustle and bustle of our busy town. We have never come inland before, and we are so glad that we chose your beautiful valley. You own your own piece of heaven here. Peace, tranquility and I wish I could take the view home with me, along with Jock of curse and I’m very sure you will be hearing from us again. We would like to try Winter. What a perfect place. Bless you.
Andrew and Tracey.

Lovely hosts, lovely accommodation, lovely place, lovely birds.
“The nicest place I’ve been to in SA – unspoilt, beautiful landscape” – Margie.
A place we could very easily live in!
PS And lovely dogs!
Ian and Margie.

Thank you very much, dogs! We had a fantastic time, and you showed us some lovely places. Oh, and than you to the rest of the family, too.
Steve and Lee.

We enjoyed our stay, a quick glimpse at your farm, family, lifestyle, awesome. Fun to stay longer, and re-read some of your classics.

A poem:

Be still and listen. Contemplative beast, stares unseeing, at a fixed point a few feet away. Aware that time has no meaning, meaning has no worth, heedless beast, aware of nothing, serene, deep, enlightened. I mean Jack, Jack-on-the-couch, when no-one is looking.
Random tri-part array, the spirit says there is balance and strength in the number three. Strength, beauty, confidence, each belong to me, and you, the spirit says find balance, be still and listen. Neither four, nor two; three cottages, at last count.
Oracle of sorts, the mountains will speak, when I inquire. Contemplative heart, still, waiting and listening. This place, this valley, South Africa.
Northern sky, bereft of Polaris, Little Bear, how will I find my way, night traveler. Sky so dark, stars so bright they are layered, and infinite. Planets, galaxies, another universe, infinite, I think. I mean the sky at night.
Wait here, I will be right back. Finding yourself, in the company of another, with the intricacy of a well-played game of chess, and the simplicity of a child’s imagination. Time apart to explore, and find yourself, time together to continue the intricate dance, and create new steps.
Yes is the simple answer, whatever the question, asked in sincerity, well-intended. Remembering simple sincerity, simple respect, seems simple, in this restful place.
No regret, no left-over room for would, should or could. A simple life removed from the care and unrest of building upon building, street upon street, sound and fury signifying nothing, ironically, icons of success, without humanity. Surrounded here instead by beauty, simplicity, poetry, books, thinkers, love, Family.


The Old School House:

Thank you for such a warm reception and wonderful hospitality. This is truly a magical place with peace and serenity in abundance. We will love to return.
Elisco and Guilia.